From November 30th to December 2, The Legends’ Vision World Tour made its way to San Jose, California. The three-day event aimed at contributing to the sport of badminton through a junior badminton clinic, an exhibition with the Legends and local Legends Ambassadors, appearances at tech companies such as Google, and leaving three lasting legacies* in California: 1) A Racquet’s Second Life, 2) Unlock Badminton, and 3) the Legends’ Summer Club League.

On Day 1 of The Legends’ Vision World Tour California, the team hosted a 3-hour junior badminton clinic at Independence High School for approximately 180 juniors ranging from age 6 to 18. The clinic taught not only the physical skills required in badminton, but also the mentality and strategy needed to become a champion. Peter Gade offered advice on deception and shuttle control, Lee Yong Dae provided lessons on doubles defense to counter-attack, and the Ambassadors each taught techniques from their personal specialties.

On Day 2, a special exhibition was held at the San Jose Civic. The exhibition showcased the Legends’ and Ambassadors’ high-level badminton, while also creating a stage for future American stars to rally against some of the world’s best badminton athletes. Between matches, the Legends and Ambassadors announced each local legacy initiative*, promising their commitment to the cause.

The evening began with a triples match between Peter Gade, Tony Gunawan, and Beiwen Zhang versus Lee Yong Dae, Halim Haryanto Ho, and Michelle Li. Juniors such as Natalie Chi challenged world class players like Michelle Li to 7-point exhibition matches. The final match of the evening was an exciting and heated match between the 2005 World Champion pair, Tony Gunawan and Howard Bach versus Peter Gade and Lee Yong Dae.

On the final day of the tour, the Legends made an appearance at Amazon, and attended the Google Headquarters to participate in a Talks at Google interview with Senior Vice President, Prabhakar Raghavan. To an audience of Googlers, Peter Gade and Lee Yong Dae explained the purpose of their visit to California, while also speaking of their personal experiences competing at the world’s top level in badminton. The interview will be released in later weeks on Google’s Talk at Google YouTube channel.