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new people
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How Legend’s Vision is discovering new badminton fans in unexpected areas.

Expanding the universal
appeal of badminton

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The surest way of progressing badminton is to get more people into the sport. More players mean more opponents, more teams, more sponsors, more courts and more leagues. More people in the game means more benefits to everybody who plays it. Through Legends’ Vision, we want to accelerate this virtuous circle and reach beyond the existing audience to attract new people to the game.

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 Badminton has the potential to be the world’s most popular sport. I dream of a world where kids can play a game with anybody they know or strike up spontaneous conversations about our shared passion for the game. 

- Taufik Hidayat


Surfacing the undercurrent

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If you look at the numbers, badminton already is a massive sport. Even in countries like England, where participation might seem low, but in reality, badminton is bigger than rugby, cricket, hockey, and netball combined. Still, all that activity remains invisible. Through Legends’ Vision, we want to bring that undercurrent to the surface. Show all the beauty that is happening in the badminton community and leverage it as a way to entice new players to the sport.

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Bring-a-friend to Legends’
Vision exhibition games.

The Legends’ Vision exhibition games are a treat to real badminton fans and are also fantastic opportunities to show the best of the game to new players. That’s why we have been trialing the Bring-A-Friend program that encourages badminton fans to bring a non-badminton friend to a Legends’ Vision game for free.

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 The most difficult thing is getting somebody to join or attend a game. Once they do though, they’re hooked. It might feel like an ambitious goal, but it really just takes each of us to introduce one more person to the sport, to make it the most popular sport in most countries. 

- Kamilla Rytter Juhl

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Lowering the hurdles
for new players

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The beautiful thing about badminton is that the barrier to getting into it is fantastically low. It’s a flexible game that can be played anywhere, with anybody, at any level. Through the Legends’ Vision, we are constantly seeking ways to introduce new people to the game.

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A Racquet’s Second Life
- Playworks partnership.

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Playworks is a non-profit organization aimed at encouraging kids to play, and through playing, can they learn confidence, conflict resolution, leadership skills and much more. We are partnering with Playworks to start a racquet donation system called A Racquet’s Second Life to offer badminton as a form of playing. The Legends’ Vision will work with shops and clubs throughout California to set up racquet donation boxes, where the donated racquets will be given a second life by Playworks in inner-city schools and communities in Northern California.

A Playworks study shows that elementary students with strong social and emotional skills are:


more likely
to graduate
from high school


more likely
to attain a
college degree


more likely
to have a full-time
job by age 25

Energizing the mainstream
image of badminton

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The sport doesn’t only lack visibility, it is often misunderstood. A lot of people are stuck with a shallow understanding of the richness that the game holds. It’s our ambition to elevate the image of badminton and show the sport in its true light: fast, intelligent, modern, and sophisticated.

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2020 badminton discovery events.

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Legends’ Vision and Yonex are working on a set of events that will catapult badminton straight into mainstream urban life across the worlds’ biggest capitals. Keep your eyes peeled for badminton to pop up suddenly and excitingly near you.

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