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junior development
community enrichment
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Leveling up
the juniors
that are our

How Legends’ Vision is doubling down on youth to make badminton the sport of the next generation.

Level up the players
to level up the game.

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The best way to take the sport to the next level is to make sure that our juniors can level up faster. To a point where they don’t just master the sport - they innovate the sport. While practice makes perfect, there’s only so much you can do if you don’t know exactly what it is you should be practicing. Through Legends’ Vision, we are developing new ways of giving juniors access to better learning tools.

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 Every minute poured into junior development is returned tenfold in the form of passion and dedication to the game. Junior development is our strongest tool to helping badminton thrive for decades to come. 

- Peter Gade


Create better learning

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For many juniors, the early years of badminton can feel like a journey of self-teaching. Hours of practicing and perfecting, often with YouTube as the secret coach. Through Legend’s Vision, we are creating real-world teaching opportunities in the form of clinics. Local Ambassadors are establishing networks and calendars for clinics so that juniors can get a chance to receive first-hand coaching, tailored to their personal level and game.

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Free badminton clinics
in partnership with CIF

Partnering with the California Interscholastic Federation (CIF) North Coast Section and Central Coast Section, the Legend Ambassadors will host free clinics for high school coaches across California, starting in January 2020. The programs will aim to cover not only the foundation for badminton coaches, but also creative ways to help with the motivation and confidence of the students.

 My challenge to the younger kids is that it’s great that you want to be the new Tony Gunawan, Halim Haryanto or Howard Bach’ in the U.S., but my challenge is to be better than them. Achieve something all three of them have never achieved: to win Olympic Gold. 

- Howard Bach

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Providing direct access
to Legend-level-learning

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Gaining learning opportunities through in-person clinics are vital, but it is also important to give juniors access to valuable learning tools they can access anytime and anywhere. Today’s juniors are fortunate to grow up in a fully-connected world. Through Legend’s Vision, we are finding ways to use today’s digital tools to provide Legend-level instructional content to help every level of junior.

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Digital master class content, universally available for juniors

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In collaboration with Legends Peter Gade and Lee Yong Dae, we are planning to produce a series of badminton master classes, tailored to different levels of junior players. The master classes will be available to all juniors.


Peter gade’s masterclass

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