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an innovation mindset to every part of the sport.

How Legends’ Vision is pushing the boundaries of how and where badminton is played.

Looking beyond the current
limitations of badminton

When you play badminton day in and day out, it is easy to accept the status quo. But to grow the sport, we need to think further. Find new ways and places to play the game and find new partners to help the game reach the next level.

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 There are so many ways we can grow the game. So many new people we could excite. So many new technologies we could innovate. So many new thinkers we could involve. We just need to think outside the box. 

- Lin Dan

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Forging alliances
beyond badminton

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Through Legends’ Vision, we are extending a hand to people and companies that aren’t necessarily part of the sport, but can greatly contribute to its growth. People that can help us think differently about the game we play every day.

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The Legends’ World Tour touches down at Google and Amazon

On the final day of the 2019 California Legends’ World Tour, the Legends made an appearance at Amazon and attended the Google Headquarters to participate in a Talks at Google interview with Senior Vice President, Prabhakar Raghavan. To an audience of Googlers, Peter Gade and Lee Yong Dae explained the purpose of their visit to California, while also speaking of their personal experiences competing at the world’s top level in badminton. The interview can be viewed on Google’s Talk at Google YouTube channel.

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Peter Gade & Lee Yong Dae
Google talk

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