Peter Gade





Peter Gade

Peter Gade made his name in badminton in 1999 where he won the men’s singles at the All England Open Badminton Championships and subsequently went on to win five European Championship crown in the men’s singles.

With 22 Grand Prix titles, Peter brought Europe to the forefront within the sport, making Denmark a strong contender against the dominant Asian teams. A master of the deceptive shot, his agility and speed is a force to be reckoned with and has earnt him the title of a Yonex Legend. Now retired from competitive badminton, Gade provided training and support to the French badminton team for three years before setting up the Peter Gade Academy.

For many years, Peter has been closely connected to Gentofte Badminton Club in Copenhagen, and the club is the natural choice for the base of the new Peter Gade Academy.

Watch the videos and view the image gallery below, to see the Legend in action.

My vision

To expand and enhance the scope of badminton to the level of the ATP or PGA.

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