Lee Chong Wei

My vision

To demonstrate my best both during training and matches, and to spread interest in badminton.

Lee Chong Wei

Malaysia’s Dato, Lee Chong Wei has made his country proud through his dedication and passion for the sport of badminton. As a singles player, he ranked as number one in the world for 199 consecutive weeks – a fantastic feat, and only the third Malaysian player to ever achieve such a ranking.

Fans of Lee Chong Wei received the best news this year, when the superstar and three-time Olympic silver medallist, hinted that after his fourth YONEX All England title triumph in March 2017, he may return to the championships in 2018 to try for his fifth title.

Known for his forehand net lift, Chong Wei’s signature shot has had many an opponent on their knees. Supported by Yonex throughout his career, Chong Wei continues to pave the way to leave his legacy behind as one of the Yonex Legends.

Watch the videos and view the image gallery below, to see the Legend in action.

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