Events Overview

We followed the Legends to their home countries in the 2015 World Tour, which was a platform for the Legends to communicate their visions, and to give something back to the sport that they love so much. Building on the great success of the Legends’ World Tour 2015, the Legends now plan to go to three very different yet inspiring countries in 2017.

Tokyo, Japan (10th September 2017): Home of Yonex and the venue for the Japan Para-Badminton International 2017 tournament. Para-badminton will become an official Paralympic sport at the 2020 Tokyo Paralympic Games. As part of the Legends’ Vision, Yonex wishes to inspire para-badminton players to reach their full potential. To give para-badminton maximum exposure, the first Legends’ Vision World Tour 2017 event to be held in Japan, will be staged on the final day of the Japan Para-Badminton International 2017 tournament.

Mumbai, India (4th November 2017): Building on the success of Indian sporting heroes Saina Nehwal and Pusarla V. Sindhu (Olympic Silver Medallist in Rio) and the growth of the Premier Badminton League the Legends want to motivate badminton to further improve its status and challenge cricket to become the #1 sport in India.

Paris, France (3rd December 2017): An emerging badminton nation where youth participation is growing year on year. With the support of Legend, Peter Gade as the French National Coach and his Legends friends, the aim is to enhance the profile of badminton in the French capital and leave a lasting legacy that will stimulate long-term participation.

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